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green symbols14HYDROTHERAPY POOL

We have a Hydrotherapy pool within our school.  We also visit the Community Pool in Blantyre. As well as learning to swim, making use of the pools encourages our pupils in other areas such as:-

  • What I am working on while in Hyrdotherapy:-

 Gross motor skills - for example vertical balance, rotating in the water (back to front and front to back), moving arms and legs in the water, jumping in the water, propel themselves in the water, floating on back or front.

Personal care - for example tolerating face getting wet, blowing bubbles in water, standing in shower independantly, washes / rinses and dries self with support / independantly, puts on clothes independantly.

Communication- for example working co-actively with familiar people, responding to verbal instructions, intimates interaction, making requests.

Curriculum for Excellence links: HWB0-016a / 1-16a / 2-16a,   HWB 0-21a / 1-21a / 2-21a,    HWB 0-23a/1-23a/2-23a,    HWB  0-24a/1-24a/2-24a,        LIT 0-01a, LIT 0-02a/1-02a,   LIT 0-11a,   LIT 0-20a,  ENG 0-03a,  LIT 2-03a.


green symbols13ICT

We have computers with touch screens in every classroom, and a computer area with adjustable screens. Every child has access to ICT, which is an enormous resource and has a huge impact on our children's learning. Children use switches connected to toys and electrical equipment, developing their understanding of cause and effect.



green symbols12LCD CleverTouch

We have interaheight adjustable LCD CleverTouch boards in every classroom, enabling the children to take part in activities such as interactive Maths and Language programmes, and group and individual interactive games, encouraging independence and choice.



green symbols11SOFT PLAY

Our soft play area is a place to let off steam! Every class has an opportunity to take part in soft play sessions, which encourages children to play together, experience energetic play in a safe environment, and explore and extend their abilities! 



green symbols10SENSORY ROOM

Our Sensory room helps to develop and promote sensory motor skills. With lots of cushions and lights, it is the perfect setting for activities such as 'skin dancing' and 'Tac Pac'. Children on a sensory curriculum take part in weekly 'Sensology Workout' group sessions.


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