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Eco Minutes February 2016

please click here to view the minutes of our February Eco Committee Meeting

Eco School Updated Action Plan February 2016

Dear Parent/Carer

Please find below Maxwellton Primary & Nursery updated Eco Action Plans

please click here to view our Energy Action Plan

please click here to view our New Litter Action Plan

please click here to view our New School Grounds Action Plan


Eco Committee Newsletter January 2014

please click here to view the Eco Committee Newsletter for January 2014

Eco Committee Minutes September 2013

please click here for a copy of the Eco Committee Minutes

Eco Schools Update

Dear Parent/Carer

Please click on the links below for up to date information about our Eco Schools Project

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Eco Committee Newsletter 2013

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Eco Committee Minutes March 2013

Please click here for details of the minutes

Eco Schools Update & Action Plan

We have shared our Eco Action Plans with the Parent Council and are now ready to fully implement our Eco Schools work.  The first area we require support in is meeting our Waste Targets.  In order to minimise waste of food and packaging in our school the Eco Committee has considered good practice from other South Lanarkshire schools.

Starting from Thursday 14th February children will no longer use bins to dispose of the contents of their packed lunches.  All uneaten food and packaging will be taken home.  There will be fruit bins for the children to dispose of fruit in the dinner hall and round the school, which will be emptied into a compost bin for future gardening projects.

This is to encourage everyone to consider using recyclable tubs/bottles for sandwiches and drinks if possible and therefore minimising waste.  It is also an effective way to ensure parents and carers are fully aware of exactly what their child has eaten in school and it prevents any food being unnecessarily thrown away.

Thank you for your continued support,  The Eco Committee

Please click here for full details of Maxwellton Waste Action Plan

Please click here for full details of Maxwellton Litter Action Plan

Please click here for full details of Maxwellton Health Action Plan

Please click here for our latest Eco Committee Newsletter





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We also operate a inclusive breakfast club 5 days a week and an inclusive after school club on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings.

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