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 Welcome to Primary 1



Class Teacher

Mrs B McKenna & Miss S Lerry

Support Staff

Mrs A Thomson / Mrs E Cowan


 This is what we are learning this term:-

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Term 1 August - December 2017


We will be learning to: 



We will be learning to:

  • to develop our knowledge of adding and taking away up to 10



Outdoor Learning

We shall be taking part in a variety of outdoor learning activities to enhance learning this term. We are adopting a tree in the playground and have planned activities to learn about nature and the seasons.


 P.E. is on a Monday and Thursday afternoon.

[Thursday session will be taught by Ms Begg as part of the CCC time cover.]

In accordance with Health and Safety guidelines, all earrings need to be taped and long hair tied back.


 Children shall be given homework tasks daily Mon - Thurs.

Guidance for parents will be in jotters.

Monday - Thursday - children shall be issued with reading books in Term 1. Children have to practise reading every night focussing on the key words highlighted in their books.

Monday and Wednesday - children will be encouraged to daily practise sound and letter formation.

Tuesday & Thursday - a number workbook shall be given to reinforce learning in class.

 Wednesday - focus shall be to read, write and say some Common Words.

 Folders - children to bring folders to school every day. Folders will not be given out on a Friday. Please check and empty folders daily for letters and correspondence from school.


General Information

Labelling - please ensure that all  belongings are clearly labelled e.g. sweatshirts, cardigans, bags, lunch boxes, jackets, wellies, water bottles etc.

Water - children are allowed to have a bottle of water [with a sports cap] on their tables during class time. Only water is allowed no juice or fizzy drinks please.

Snacks - can we suggest that children bring in no more than two snacks for playtime, this will allow them to have time to play. As a Health Promoting school children should be encouraged to eat some healthy snacks throughout the week.

Money - if children have to bring money into school, for any reason, it should be in a labelled envelope stating name, amount and what the money is for.

Personal Learning Plans - PLPs shall be sent out at the beginning of each term, Maths and Language targets are set by class teachers. Health targets are set by children after discussing with parents at home. PLPs should be returned promptly to school as Health Targets are displayed on wall to remind children of their chosen target.

The PLPs are then returned to parents at the end of term to discuss and evaluate your childs target. Children will be encouraged to self assess their own perfomance using the Traffic Light system i.e. 

green - very good,       amber - good,      red - room for improvement.



All Primary 1 are entitled to a free school dinner as from January 2015.

Please discuss with your child before school what they are doing at lunch time. The school dinner menu is on the website and children should be aware of what colour of tray they are going to have before coming to school. The children self register at the start of the day and this will help to quicken the process.Children are able to buy a carton of milk for 20p.


If you have any concerns about your child feel free to contact me to arrange for a time to meet. 

Thank you, in advance, for your continued support.






Our Address

Maxwellton Primary & Greenburn School
Calderwood Road
East Kilbride
G74 3DP

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maxwellton Primary Hours

Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Lunch: 12:15pm - 1:00pm

We also operate a inclusive breakfast club 5 days a week and an inclusive after school club on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings.

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